Mum’s horror as daughter, 3, loses leg in freak lawnmower accident in front of sister


Abigail Reardon was at her dad’s home when she “ran behind the ride-on mower as it was put in reverse” and sustained injuries so severe most of her left leg had to amputated.

A three-year-old has lost a leg after she was accidentally run over by a lawnmower.

Little Abigail Reardon was at her dad’s home in Rhode Island, US, when the freak accident happened as she “ran behind the [ride-on lawn] mower as it was put in reverse”.

She needed five operations on her leg could not be saved and medics were forced to amputate her left foot and much of her calf following the accident on August 22.

Now her mum Sarah said it is her duty to warn other mums and dads to be aware of the dangers of lawnmowers.

Sarah, who lives in Massachusetts, told station WHDH Abigail was playing outside with her six-year-old sister Alexa, six, when the horror unfolded.

Describing Abigail as ‘very resilient’, she said: “She is still the same silly, goofy, happy little three-year-old and that personality just came back to life in the hospital.

“I am grieving and crushed, for what happened, but she is still my girl.”

Sarah’s friend Karen has launched a crowdfundraiser for Abigail.

She wrote on the GoFundMe page that Abigail will keep needing prosthetics as she grows, saying: “Right now, it is overwhelming to process everything coming at this little girl and her family.

“Abigail has a very long journey ahead of further surgeries, potentially more plastic surgeries, LOTS of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and counselling.”

Sarah also posted on the page to say Abigail was improving and walking around.

“GREAT for her independence and strength of mobility… BAD for potential harm to her leg that is still FAR from healed,” she wrote.

“I still try to restrict her on some things but have let her test the waters. She is so proud when she achieves something new.

“Today’s victory was pulling herself up from a sitting position into her good leg.”

But she added that her older daughter has been affected after witnessing the accident.

She said: “Alexa is doing ok since witnessing the accident, and has done well with the start of virtual school, but is very sensitive to the sound of lawnmowers, and struggling with separation anxiety and fear of death.

“It’s a lot for a six-year-old to carry in her little mind,” she added. “I’ve been unable to line up counselling for her yet (thanks COVID) but still trying.”